European Pharmacopoeia 9th Edition 2017 (9.3.-9.5.) ONLINE


Terminal license (bilingual: english, french) and archive

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The electronic versions of the 9th Edition European Pharmacopoeia are available on a subscription basis. Users purchase an access to a set of supplements for a given subscription year. Year 2018 includes access to supplements 9.3 and 9.5. The electronic editions are cumulative. In the event of any divergence between the printed version and the electronic version, it is the paper version which prevails. Every text in the electronic edition has a corresponding Acrobat file which is identical to the printed version, and which may be viewed by activating the link found at the top of each text. Acrobat Version 9 or above is required to view these texts.

Both electronic versions (Online and USB-Stick) are exactly the same in content. All electronic versions use a Web browser to present the information. The data provided with each new supplement is completely cumulative, containing the most recent version of each of the texts of the 9th Edition and its supplements. Each text is available in both HTML and PDF format, and it is possible to print and save both formats as well as to copy the HTML format into a word processor. The PDF format is identical to the pages from the print version.

Access to online version is possible via PC, tablet or smartphone.

One online licence enable two fixed devices to have access to European Pharmacopoeia Online but not simulaneously. E. g. if you were to purchase two licenses, this would enable access on four fixed devices and two of them at the same time. This pattern is continued.

Users have access to the archives of previous editions (pdf format). Also it is possible to add RSS feeds for specific queries.

Technical requirements Online:
Operating system: Windows VISTA, 7 or 8
Macintosh and Linux on request
Tablets and smart phones: Win7 and higher, iOS 5 and higher, Android 3 and higher
Browsers: Internet Explorer 9-11, Microsoft Edge 20, Firefox 26/ESR 38, Chrome 40
Cookies enabled, Javascript enabled
SafeView (plugin) - not applicable for Tablets and smarthones

Language: english and french.

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